Shatakshi Singh Tomar
Winner of Shri Pralhad P Chhabria Award for Best Outgoing Student – 2022

Nupur Kulkarni
Runner Up of Shri Pralhad P Chhabria Award for Best Outgoing Student 2022



Saakshi Dhanekar
Winner of Shri Pralhad P Chhabria Award for Best Woman Professional (Early Career) 2022

Neethu George
Runner Up for Shri Pralhad P Chhabria Award for Best Woman Professional (Early Career) 2022


Deeksha M. S.
Winner of Shri Pralhad P Chhabria Award for Best Outgoing Student – 2021

“I am extremely honoured and humbled on receiving this prestigious award. I am grateful to the Hope foundation and IEEE India Council for choosing me. I also thank my professors, my research guides and my peers for helping me develop a prospective career. I promise to uphold the objectives of HFRC and continuously strive towards aiding the society and women community in their endeavours and career enhancement in the fields of science and technology. I aim to invest the prize money  to fund my doctoral studies and in serving the society through newer organizations to encourage young girls by providing exposure to helpful resources.” Acceptance Speech

Ms. Annesya Banerjee
Runner Up of Shri Pralhad P Chhabria Award for Best Outgoing Student 2021

I am profusely thankful to the Hope Foundation, IEEE India Council, IEEE Women in Engineering (WiE) Society, and every other person associated with the selection committee for considering me worthy of this highly prestigious award. It is a great opportunity for students like me to devote our knowledge, skills, and expertise to take forward Shri Chhabria Sir’s vision of empowering young women in Science, Engineering, and Technology. I want to dedicate this award to my parents, teachers, well-wishers, fellow learners, and co-workers, who have constantly influenced me to become who I am today. I believe this award not only applauds my academic and research achievements. But it also celebrates these people, whose continuous support, encouragement, motivations, and appreciations are behind all my successes. I would always remain grateful to them for their contributions to my life. Acceptance Speech



Dr. Anupama Ray
Winner of Shri Pralhad P Chhabria Award for Best Woman Professional (Early Career) 2021

Thank you Hope Foundation and IEEE India Council for giving me such respect. I am truly honored to receive it. Thanks to the jury and the organizers for all their valuable time in the entire selection process. I am extremely grateful to my parents for instilling the dream of being a scientist. I will always remain thankful to my professors, my seniors, colleagues, and my friends for helping me build and live that dream. They are all winners of every accolade that I earn forever. Thank you.

Dr. Lavika Goel
Runner Up for Shri Pralhad P Chhabria Award for Best Woman Professional (Early Career) 2021

I am Dr. Lavika Goel from Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering, Malaviya National Institute of Technology (NIT), Jaipur. I am extremely happy and feel honored to receive this prestigious award and I am really thankful to IEEE India Council-HFRC to bestow this honor on me. I am thankful to my parents for providing me all the support I needed to grow professionally and to reach here. I will surely try to improve myself further in future and come up even better in future. I am a Ph.D., in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence so if I can do anything for the betterment of the society around me, then I would definitely try to contribute towards it using the concepts of AI/ML which I have learnt in the last ten years of my professional and academic career. My research interests are Nature Inspired Intelligence, Optimization Algorithms, Hybrid Intelligent Algorithms, Image Processing, Soft Computing and Machine Learning. I am recently working on the development of a national level agriculture App which would suggest the best crop to grow in a particular farm using nature inspired optimization algorithms and deep learning. I am also working on design of chatbots, and question answering systems using deep learning. I want to grow myself by learning from varied sources and so I look forward to collaborations and networking with other talented minds working in AI/ML, please do get in touch! Thanks a lot again to IEEE-HFRC for this prestigious award!


Ms. Janani R

Hi! I am Janani and I am the proud winner of Shri Pralhad P Chhabira Best Outgoing Student Award for the year 2020.
With the prize money, I would like to develop and advanced working model of the IoT enabled Wheelchair cum Stretcher and make it available for the patients in under resourced villages and also to the low financial status people through IEEE.  I also like to donate some of the prize money to my Sagacity Hunt Innovation Team, so they could use the money in their latest innovations which could revolutionize our Indian Technological world.

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Dr. Anupama Kowli

It is indeed an honour to win the 2020 Award as Best Woman Professional under Shri Pralad P Chhabria Awards instituted by Hope Foundation in association with IEEE India Council and Women in Engineering. I applaud and congratulate the Joint winner of this award – Dr. Esther. I wish her great accolades in the years to come.
I would like to thank Hope Foundation and IEEE for selecting me and the work that my team and I do worthy of being considered for the Award.

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Dr. Esther Florence Sundarsingh

Hello. I am Esther Florence, joint winner of the 2020 Shri Pralhad P Chhabria, Best Women Professional Award.
I am thankful to Hope Foundation and IEEE for considering my application and deeming me worthy of the award. The funds received as part of this prestigious award will further my research on automation of looms that can help alleviate the occupational health hazard of weavers. My research would help in the overall upliftment of weavers and work toward reducing the reduction in weaver population that is unique for our country.
Research for betterment of society is something that I truly care about.

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Ms. Shubhi Sareen

It has been an honour to receive the Shri Pralhad P Chhabria Awards.  It was a moment of pride for my family, my institute and me personally.  Having won this prestigious Award, I would like to invest a part of this amount in furthering my education and utilize the remaining amount to promote mentorship programs as well as dedicate a part of the money to chapters like Women Who Code – a platform that helped her grow and network during her undergrad. My aim is to work together towards closing the gender gap in technology.

Congratulations Shubhi!!
Wish you all the best

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Dr. Rajlaxmi Chouhan

I am Dr. Rajlaxmi Chouhan. I am truly grateful for this award and it has been an incredible honour and a colossal encouragement for my efforts.
I’m working towards an open-source learning management and teaching platform for online education of students from vernacular medium. My sincere and humble gratitude to the HFRC, and best wishes to all future recipients of the award.

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Ms . Jayanti  Vijaywargiya

Confused was I, between my aspirations and reality.
Greetings to the readers and my gratitude to the Hope foundation for giving me this opportunity, I was fortunate to be one of the awardees of first, Shri Prahlad P Chhabria Award for Best Outing Female Student.
I thank the Hope Foundation and Research Centre for this appreciation and award.

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Dr. Soma Biswas

I am Dr. Soma Biswas, currently an Associate Professor at Department of Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India. I was awarded the Shri Pralhad P Chhabria– Best Woman Professional Award in 2018.
First, I would like to thank everyone in the Hope Foundation and Research Centre, Pune for giving me this honour.

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