Shri Pralhad P Chhabria Awards
Instituted by Hope Foundation and Research Centre
In Association With
IEEE India Council
WiE Affinity Group, IEEE Pune Section

Question –       Who makes the nomination?
Answer –          The awards are open to any individual who meets the eligibility criteria.  The individual can either self-nominate or can be                              nominated by third party.

Question –       Is there any application fee?
Answer –          No, there is no application fee.  It is free of cost.

Question –       What kind of references are required?
Answer –          A formal statement supporting the submitted nomination is needed. We will not accept simply, a name, email address and                              telephone number. Testimonial from the referee is mandatory and will be considered on merit by jury members.

Question –       What format should the attachments be?
Answer –          All the attachments should be in jpeg / pdf format

Question –       Will my submission be confidential?
Answer –          All applications will be treated as highly confidential and will be shared with the Award Committee members and jury                                      members only.

Question –       What happens after I submit?
Answer –          After you submit, we review all submissions against the set criteria.  If there is anything amiss one of the team members                                will  get back for clarification.  All eligible shortlisted applications will be forwarded to the Jury for further evaluation and                                 selecting the winner.

Question –       Can only Engineering students / professionals apply?
Answer –          Students and professionals from science, engineering, technology or any relevant background are open to apply.

Question –       What happens if I win and I am unable to attend the ceremony?
Answer –          If you have won and you are unable to attend the award ceremony, you will still receive the award.  You can either have                                   someone represent you and receive on your behalf or we could mail it to you.

Question –       How many years’ IEEE membership is required?
Answer –          A minimum of 1 year of IEEE membership is mandatory.  Memberships taken after the announcement of the Application                                   Open dates will not be considered as eligible.

Question –       Are only Indian nationals allowed to apply?
Answer –          Students and professionals from any of the SAARC countries are eligible to apply provided they meet the eligibility criteria.

Question –       Who I receive travel expense to attend the Award Ceremony?
Answer –          No.  Award winners will have to travel to the venue on their own.  The Foundation, IEEE or the Award Committee will not                                 bear the cost of the winner’s travel

Question –       How much award money will the winner receive?
Answer –          The prize money is INR 1,25,000/- (Indian Rupees One Lakh Twenty-Five Thousand Only).  Taxes as per Indian Taxation                                 Law is applicable and after TDS the money will be awarded to the winner.  If there is a tie and there is more than one                                       winner, then the said amount will be shared equally among the winners.

Question –       If the winner is not an Indian National, how would she receive the award money?
Answer –  If the winner belongs to a country other than India in the SAARC region, then the prize money will be wired to her as per                                   IMT norms after deduction of Tax as per Indian Taxation Rules. The onus of following the protocol of receiving an IMT of                                     the winner’s country will have to be followed by the winner.

Question –       What proof of nationality is required?
Answer –         Applicants can submit any government certified valid Citizenship / identity and nationality proof – Passport / Voter’s ID /                                 Driving License / Birth Certificates etc.  If any other documents need to submitted, the applicant can get in touch with the                                  committee members at info@hfrc-ieeeawards.org