1. IEEE Membership Details

Current IEEE Member or should have been an IEEE Member for a duration of 1 year at least within the previous 3 years from the year of application.

2. Personal Details

3. Nationality

4. Education

a. X

b. XII

If applicant has pursued Diploma after X then please entre the aggregate percentage of all 3 years

c. Undergraduate Degree

Due to Covid-19 Pandemic, if your University / Institute has not conducted the V / VII Semester exam or hasn’t declared the results for the said semester, you are requested to please submit marksheet up to the previous semester ONLY. Please send a mail to info@hfrc-ieee.org informing us about the status of your V or VII semester examination.

5. Co-curricular/Extra-curricular Achievements

6. Research

7. Contributions towards College / University / Community / Society / Nation

8. Recommendation 1

Max File Size : 200 KB
Recommendation letters can also be mailed directly by the Referee to info@hfrc-ieee.org

9. Recommendation 2

Max File Size : 200 KB
Recommendation letters can also be mailed directly by the Reference to info@hfrc-ieee.org

Please upload certificates / credentials that validate your academic, co-curricular and extra curricular achievements. The files can be in jpg / pdf format only. Recommendation letters / experience certificates or any other content which is in MS word file, may be scanned and converted to jpg/pdf and then uploaded. Each file being attached should not be more than 200 KB.

If any additional file / credential needs to be shared with the Award committee, please mail it to info@www.hfrc-ieeeawards.org